2018 Printable Kids Christmas Fingerprint Tree Craft

2018 Printable Kids Christmas Fingerprint Tree Craft.
Commemorate this 2018 Holiday Season with the perfect craft / or family gift! 

Get your children to use their fingerprints to create the leaves and ornaments on this fir tree. It's an easy DIY print-from-home digital file. After it's framed it will commemorate a special time and can be used as a decoration for future years! 

This instant download prints out at 8x10" (typical frame size).

How to do it:
- Print it out (home printers will usually be fine if you set it to 'high-quality print'!)
- Get your kids to paint/ ink their hands and make the leaves.
(The dollar store has ink pads usually if you don't want to do paint).
- Let it dry for 24 hours then frame in any standard 8x10" frame.
(Buy a frame at Ikea Ribba line, Target, Walmart).

Your kids or the gift receiver will have a permanent record of how small their cute little hands were and what year they the kids gave them a fingerprint Christmas tree!

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