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by Tamara Brooks August 27, 2014

Retailer Program for USA and CanadaI've been selling successfully online for almost three years now and my following is really growing. I've sold over 1,500 variations of my prints in that time. I *love* making art and I'm ready to expand into the great unknown and let retailers feature my line in their stores for the very first time ever.

Lately, I've been contacted by quite a few retailers in Canada and the U.S. They have been asking to order wholesale for both my regular art prints at wholesale prices and to resell my customizable designs. After accepting some into a Beta Program for my regular art prints, now I want to add a *few* more special shops to my exclusive retailer list.

Let me explain what stores would be the best fit for my line and who can apply.

I'm looking for one special retailer from each of my key location - you'll list coming later in this post. I'll offer the retailer a discounted wholesale rate for the length of the program plus a FREE starter kit with over $250 in product as well as the ability to be one of my exclusive Bespoke Prints resellers (lots of my clients want to see the prints in person & pick their own colours).

The Beta Program will come with an easy-to-follow selling package. It's full of great staging tips, selling points, Facebook marketing items and sales tools to ensure that you sell like hotcakes!

That being said, I only want to extend this offer to retailers who have people just like my buyers walking through their shops every day. 

Does this sound like YOU and YOUR customers?

  • Your customer is primarily female
  • She's usually between 25-40 years old
  • She could be: In a new relationship, getting married, just married or have young kids
  • Your store has one or more of the following items:
    • art + home decor
    • kids' clothes + nursery decor
    • maternity clothing + maternity care
    • wedding dresses + wedding decor
    • coastal + cottage living focused
    • bathroom + kitchen decorations
Your store is located in:
• B.C.: Vancouver; Kitsilano, New Westminster, Gastown, Horseshoe Bay or Deep Cove
• Ontario: Distillery District, CabbageTown, Queen Street West, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga
• Texas: Dallas, Austin
• New York: Brooklyn, Manhattan
• California: San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco
• Oregon: Portland, Astoria, Hood River
• Not in one of these locations? Don't worry. You can get on the wait-list here. We'll give you a shout when we're ready to open our doors further.


Retailers that shouldn't apply?

  • Don't apply if you're "Senior" focused
  • Don't apply if you are a fair or an outdoor market
  • Don't apply if you are a big box stores
  • Don't apply if you're targeting older children (high school + beyond)

Again, I'll be giving away my FREE starter kit. It includes over $250 worth of my product samples to get you started.

If you agree that your customers are the savvy and chic females that fit our profile, apply for our Beta Retailer program. I'm only taking applications until November 15th.

Applications for the beta program are being accepted only until November 15th, 2014. Retailers who are interested can apply here via my online Google application form. After you apply I'll be in touch within 24-48 hours to let you know if you’ve been approved for the Beta Retailer Program and provide more information. Once your free starter kit has been shipped, I'll deliver a copy of my easy-to-follow retailer sales manual.

If you have any questions, please ask away! To apply to become a retailer in our Beta Program you can enter your application here.

Tamara Brooks
Tamara Brooks


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