The best way to print artwork for your home!

by Tamara Brooks April 09, 2014

Did you buy an art print from me and now you need to print it?
Or maybe you're THINKING about purchasing one right now? Art Print of USA Love Map

I bet you're wondering... "Where the heck can I get this thing printed?". GOOD QUESTION!

I get asked this a lot. I've compiled some suggestions below to help YOU decide if you want to print at home, in a store or online.

Printing at HOME?

This one can be the toughest out of all the options. The benefits are that it's cheaper and you can play with the results to get exactly what you need right then and there. The other downfall is that unless you have archival paper and inks you'll find your print might fade in the years to come. Inkjet inks are sensitive to ultraviolet light and fade when exposed to bright light for long periods. If you go this route, try to keep your artwork away from direct sunlight.

Scaling Photos for Print at Home

When printing at home I recommend a heavyweight matte stock (I use Epson's Ultra Premium Presentation Matte paper). I recommend getting to know your print settings too to ensure your output settings are on "best" or "high quality". You'll also want to make sure your artwork is set to "no scaling".

Printing at a STORE?

Some stores will print either PDF or JPEG and you'll want to check with them first before you drive there and find out you got the wrong file format from me. Simply call and they can tell you over the phone.

The files I deliver are high resolution but you can only print them at the size you specify during purchase. If you try to print them larger the resolution will be grainy.

Nautical Bathroom Art Print Set of 3I prefer matte heavyweight paper and not glossy for store printing if it's available. The glare underneath framed glass is just too much crazy for me!

In-store I recommend Office Max / Depot, Kinko's or other local printers that aren't big box stores like Wallgreens, Walmart or Target. They sure can print my files but I'm never pleased with the quality. I prefer matte heavyweight paper over glossy & bright.

Nautical Bathroom or Nursery ArtPrinting ONLINE?

Hey girl. I think this one is the easiest of the three! Plus, pretty cheap and I likely to be pretty kick ass in terms of quality. Before you order from me I'd recommend checking the standard printing sizes at your favourite online outlet and what file types they prefer. Think or if you're in the USA or, Office Depot / Max or Staples if you're in Canada. I don't really recommend places like Wallgreens, Costco etc. They tend to print really dark and only have limited paper choices. It can be done (like everything my dear!) but it's just not my favourite. 

If you found this useful please share it with a friend. Your sharing helps me grow my entrepreneurial dreams. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me in following my true passion in life.

Feel free to leave questions below!


Tamara Brooks
Tamara Brooks


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